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Louis Vuitton Others the climate change ministry

Export Louisvuitton 2014 of plastic bags to be banned Federal minister for climate change rana muhammad farooq saeed khan on thursday stressed the need of replacement of poisonous plastic bags with biodegradable plastic bags, which are environmentfriendly and is not Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags detrimental to human health. Addressing a press conference here he said bags, both paper and plastic, in fact represent a huge threat to the environment and this menace not only pertains to the sheer volume of them ending up in landfill, but also to the resources needed to produce, transport and(Occasionally)Recycle them. He said under the law, the use, sale and export of the plastic bags would be completely banned in pakistan from april 2013 and in place of it oxobiodegradable plastic bags would be introduced in the country. He said that Louis Vuitton Others the climate change ministry has already approached the representatives of the plastic bag manufacturers association of pakistan and officebearers of the karachi and lahore chambers of commerce of industries to draw their support for banning the use and sale of the bags. Secretary of the ministry of climate change syed muhammad ali gardezi highlighted need to sensitise people about hazards of the plastic bags through nationwide mass awareness programmes. Asif shuja khan, directorgeneral of the pakistan environmental protection agency(Pakepa), said that that this landmark step taken by the ministry would have longterm benefits to control spread of waste plastic bags and enable exporters to comply with the environmentfriendly packaging. "Many advanced countries have already put ban on use and sale of the plastic bags given their detrimental impacts on environment and human health and introduced oxobiodegradable plastic technology,"He said.